When getting there first
is the critical component.

Welcome to Elray Manufacturing, where our focus is on helping you get your product to market ahead of your competition.

To make sure your product development cycle achieves the time-to-market speed your customers demand, Elray brings 21st century machining technologies and sophisticated project management skills to the craft of tool and die making. We utilize these same capabilities to develop equipment and processes for the assembly of both simple and highly complex mechanical and electro-mechanical devices.

Why worry about your metal stamping and assembly requirements? No matter how short the lead time or how intricate the part, Elray gets the job done quickly, accurately and reliably, giving you more time to keep the rest of your project moving forward-giving you the opportunity to get your product to the customer before the competition can.

Elray provides both stamping and assembly services for manufacturers of a variety of electrical, mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronic devices. This includes power tools, cell phones, circuit breakers and more. By making Elray your preferred supplier, you'll also have access to value-added services including project consulting, logistical support and inventory management. In short, you'll have everything it takes to move your new product rapidly and profitably through the supply chain.

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