From Stamping To Assembly, Elray designs the process to get it done right.

Rapid, in-house tool and die making. State-of-the-art machine design and construction. Whether you need a high-quality manufacturing process for metal stamping or a cost-efficient assembly system for constructing a part or device, Elray has the design engineering expertise to make it happen.

Our design team utilizes state of the art CAD/CAM systems. We specialize in taking your 3D drawing file and creating a process that meets your design requirements. Then, upon your approval, we design and build the tools and equipment needed to make it a reality.

Our skilled, journeymen die-makers are trained and practiced in project management. That means they know how to utilize technology to keep projects on schedule and crunch the timeline when the situation demands it. At the same time, they are true craftsmen, committed to getting the job right the first time, every time.

Elray's fully-equipped, in-house tool room includes CNC vertical-machining centers, a CNC turning center, four milling machines, eight precision surface grinders and a stable of qualified subcontractors to support demand management.

All our systems and machining technologies have been electronically integrated to maximize the speed, quality and consistency of our entire die-making operation. The result? A soup-to-nuts Computer Integrated Manufacturing system.

Elray uses the same time-to-market systems to bring both manual and automated assembly equipment into production. In both stamping and assembly, our familiarity with your products, specifications and deadlines allows us to refine and enhance the process as necessary.

Now is the ideal time to involve Elray, especially if you have a two to five-year product life cycle. We will work in close collaboration with your design and engineering staff to develop a process that will meet your specific needs and speed your time to market, no matter what your volume requirements. To help prevent problems on the assembly line, we get actively involved in the details of designing the component, suggesting ways to reduce cost, improve quality, and increase manufacturability.

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