Precision metal-stamped
components are our specialty.

Elray's metal stamping capabilities are extensive. Our production capacity is optimized for products with annual quantity requirements ranging from 10,000 to 15 million pieces, with a press capacity of 15 to 100 tons. Our expertise with various materials, including a number of engineered alloys, enables us to effectively address unique characteristics and variables they may present during the manufacturing process.

Elray also has knowledge and experience required to source a great variety of engineered materials and alloys, allowing us to manufacture some of your components for less than what you and others may pay for raw materials.

To offer you the most reliable, precise metal-stamped components, Elray is committed to manufacturing defect-free parts. We adhere to AS/ISO 9001 quality standards, assuring consistency and predictability from part to part and project to project.


• 23 production stamping presses with a capacity of 15-100 tons

• 3 multiple-spindle lead screw tapping machines

• Milling, drilling, tapping, grinding and sanding equipment

• Vibratory deburring, cleaning and degreasing equipment

• Unitek resistance spot welding equipment


• Nickel and nickel alloys

• Copper and copper alloys

• Stainless steel

• Engineered alloys and composites

Stock Size Capability

• Thicknesses from .0028" to .090"

• Widths from .090" to 10.00"

• Wire diameters from .025" to .125"


• Tooling: ± .0001"

• Stamping: ± .001"

• Assembly: ± .002"

Elray has unsurpassed knowledge of niche markets and materials, so we don't have to waste valuable production time investigating sources and researching characteristics. And our expertise in assessing the complexities of each job assures that you will consistently receive defect-free parts.

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