Continuous Process Improvements
mean repeatable results.

Continuously improving our manufacturing and assembly processes gives us the ability to improve your output without increasing operational expenses, inventory or logistical costs. As a result, Elray can produce your metal stamped components and/or devices more quickly, more reliably and with precision.

Discovering opportunities for improvement involves applying Statistical Process Control tools at each juncture of the manufacturing process. We apply Advanced Quality Planning tools during the design stage. Throughout the development process, we analyze all product features and potential process variables to determine process capability. During production, our operators apply these tools on an ongoing basis to monitor the process to ensure that the product developed is the product you get.

Elray has been serving manufacturers in the electronics industry for nearly 50 years. Our precision metal stamping expertise extends from project consulting and design engineering to manufacturing and assembly. Most importantly, our commitment to quality assures delivery of parts to your specifications every time.

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