"Price is what you pay,
value is what you get."

...Warren Buffet

You handle the long-lead time activities,
we’ll handle the rest.

When your product life cycle is limited, so is the amount of time you have to spend on activities that don't directly contribute to the bottom line. This makes it critical to find an outsource partner like Elray who can handle these time and resource-draining tasks.

Project Consulting

From inception to delivery, Elray works closely with you and your engineering team to assure the best possible end product. We walk through the entire development process with you, helping you choose the right material for the job, providing feedback on drawings and discussing how the part we supply can contribute the most to your product. We consider this collaborative process an integral part of every project we undertake, and as such, provide it as a free service when you choose Elray as part of your project team.


To save on time costs and labor costs, let Elray handle the manufacture of your mechanical and electro-mechanical sub-assembly components. Our assembly systems are custom-engineered to meet your unique requirements. Outsourcing your component sub-assemblies reduces the number of purchased parts you need to manage, lowers your logistical costs, and frees up time and space for you to focus on your own core competency.

Inventory Management Supporting A Durable Supply Chain

Through our Consignment Inventory and Vendor Managed Inventory programs, Elray can help further lower your inventory and logistical costs. Plus, with these programs in place, your purchasing department will spend less time expediting shortages and more time developing the supply chain. 

At Elray, we offer all the value-added services you need to get to market. And they come with the same commitment to quality, cost efficiency and timeliness you get when you need precision-stamped components.

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